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QualiView QualiView
Software for analysing samples visualized using microscopes
QualiView is a Software of Control and Analysis of Samples. These samples can be microscopical, thermo-photografic order or natural size. A image grabber get the images that will be stored analyzed.

QualiView works by PROJECTS. Each project can have one or many samples, and it can be compared between themselves to do an evolution analysis.

Modules can be added in the QualiView depending on the needs of each customer. We can create a module that measures the particle concentration with determined size, other one that makes histogram, and/or a module which calculates the speed of each particle.

  • Image register by project
  • Register many images from the same sample
  • Colorful and B&W images
  • Export and copy bmp e jpg images
  • Speed in the search of images
  • Adjustment of brightness, contrast, saturation and clearness of the images
  • Overlapping of two images with adjustment of transparency for comparative analysis
  • Prints the reports with the sample's data and the choose images

Acquired images of microscopes, digital/analogic movie cameras or cameras

  • Fast access to the samples
  • Describe procedure, situation and commentary for each image
  • Quality of the image preserved with the time
  • Evolution of the picture and comparative image
  • Easy presentation and explanation of the results and conclusions
  • Easy use system

In the areas of Quality control, Product Engineering, Research of Materials and Biomedicine

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